What is Flistaa?


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To Cherish & Enjoy

Flistaa brings you India's most loved beverages
in a hygienic format and without any hassle,
so that you can have your favourite beverages
at any time, wherever you are!

Cherish Taste, Cherish Life!

Flistaa is a beverage brand that is radically different.

Each of our juice & milkshake mix is carefully crafted through experimentation
and discovery, we have lovingly made our beverages in India. Each variant is
sure to delight you and leaving you with a feeling of wanting more.

    I have always appreciated the variety of Indian foods and beverages and usually have them at restaurants and on the street shops. However, getting the same tastes at your convenience is a big challenge for a single person like me who is living out of his home for studies or job and doesn't have the time to make it. My goal with Flistaa is to bring to you the most loved Indian foods and beverages in the most convenient and hygienic format made with natural ingredients and without any compromise on health, so that you can have them wherever you please and enlighten your taste buds!

    Harshvardhan Chhatbar
    Founder & CEO, Flistaa

    How is Flistaa different?

    We strive to provide you with beverages which are not only captivating and
    mesmerising but also truly Indian.

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